3D Health & Fitness App

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Available On Computers, Smartphones And Wearables

mmol/L & kg

mg/dl & lb

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

New Gamified Way To Look After Your Health


Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Stress Management 

Keep Track Of Your Stress Level


Rapid, short, intermediate, mixed, long-acting insulins


Carbohydrate, Calorie Counting etc.


From Yoga to Rock Climbing

Compete / Support

Inbuilt Gamification / Social Media

3D View

It’s Like Watching A Movie Or Playing Computer Game

3 Differentiations:

  • All In One Place
  • Infographic Showcasing
  • Makes Complex Data Simple

3 Daily Objectives:

  • No Yellow Or Red
  • Complete Blue Circle
  • Daily Bit Of Green

“For The First Time, The Phrase ‘Highly Addictive’ Is Seen In A Positive Way..”

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